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Today, ENPPI proudly employs more than 2500 highly qualified team members who are integral to the success of the company as a whole. Over the years, ENPPI has acquired credible, high calibre engineers who are proficient, reliable and committed to success. Our unique combination of proven expertise, long history of successful projects and fruitful partnerships has led to the leading status we hold today.

Chairman & CEO

Eng. Mohamed Abdel Rahman Hathout

Eng. Mohamed Abdel Rahman Hathout

I would like to thank all our board of directors and employees who worked hard to uphold the reputation of our esteemed company, which was positively reflected in the achievement of our goals in spite of the confronted challenges. This was apparent in the rapid decrease in the crude oil prices causing the postponing or termination of various oil and gas projects on the Arab and international levels, which made the competition tough among the international companies to win the execution of limited available projects locally and globally.

Due to the faithful efforts and persistence of our colleagues, Enppi succeeded to gain the appreciation of our customers, and won several projects bids and Work Authorizations inside and outside Egypt in the oil & gas, refining, natural gas and its transformational industries to high value products, in addition to field development, petrochemicals and fertilizers projects, electric power generation, environment protection and infrastructure projects in compliance with the international standards.

The utilization of the domestic product comprising equipment, materials is on the top of our priorities, in addition to the abidance with the front-line international standards of quality, environment, health and safety as Enppi obtained the Certificates of (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 50001, and API Specification Q1).

As well-known, Egypt is blessed with a variety of natural resources, which created a competitive environment, which attracts investments. Therefore, Enppi intensifies its efforts to communicate with these investors, especially in the new fields (outside of petroleum projects) to strengthen mutual cooperation and localize new technologies through taking part in executing petrochemical, and fertilizers projects and aspiring to participate in the new nuclear energy stations.

Enppi’s top management believes that its role is not restricted to positive participation in the Egyptian Petroleum Sector’s projects, but it also extends to sustainable development of its capabilities and expertise through building-up competent technical cadres. These cadres are the main factor of boosting Enppi’s business and are responsible for upgrading the work performance of the company up to the international levels. This target is fulfilled through permanent training of manpower on the local and international levels.

Finally, I extend my thanks and gratitude to the Egyptian Ministry of Petroleum and the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation for their incessant support for Enppi which enables it to take a positive part in the Egyptian Economy and also for Enppi’s clients inside and outside Egypt for their trust, which will remain a stimulus to exert more efforts to maintain their trust.

Eng. Alaa Hegazy
Eng. Alaa Hegazy

Deputy CEO for Planning and Projects – EGPC

Eng. Atef Mohamed Hassan
Eng. Atef Mohamed Hassan

Chairman of the Board and MD – Petrobel

Eng. Hesham Mohamed Bahaa Al-Attar
Eng. Hesham Mohamed Bahaa Al-Attar

Chairman and Managing Director – Rashpetco

Accountant / Ayman Mounir Hegazy
Accountant / Ayman Mounir Hegazy

Deputy CEO for Financial and Economic Affairs – EGPC

Eng. Khaled Mohamed El Sayed Mouafy
Eng. Khaled Mohamed El Sayed Mouafy

Chairman and Managing Director – Khalda

Eng. Waleed Lotfy Hamed Mostafa
Eng. Waleed Lotfy Hamed Mostafa

Chairman & Managing Director – Petrojet

Key Personnel

Eng. Alaa Khashab

Vice Chairman – Engineering Affairs

Eng. Manal Khalifa

Chairman Assistant – Proposals and Contracts Division / Business Development Division Supervisor

Eng. Hussein Abdel Meguid

Chairman Assistant – Supporting Services and Procurement Divisions Supervisor

Eng. El Zahraa Abou ElHagag

Chairman Assistant – Technical Services and Information Systems

Eng. Mohammed Abdel Aziz

Chairman Assistant – Project Management

Mr. Zakaria El Sayed

Chairman Assistant – Finance Division

Eng. Haytham Badawy

General Manager – Cost Engineering Division and Planning Division Supervisor

Mr. Salah El Saeed

General Manager – Administrative Affairs

Eng. Hesham Ismail

General Manager – Civil Engineering Division

Eng. Gamal Dawood

General Manager – Electrical Engineering Division

Eng. Kamal El Mahallawi

General Manager – I&C and Telecommunications Engineering Division

Eng. Labib Maged

General Manager – Offshore Engineering Division

Eng. Tarek Nabil

General Manager – QHSE Management Systems

Chem. Fawzy Shaaban

General Manager – HSE Division

Eng. Nasr Amasha

General Manager – Construction Supervision and E&I Installations Division Supervisor