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Enppi expertise has been applied to a wide range of upstream / down stream onshore oil and gas projects as well as upstream offshore projects including oil and gas production facilities, onshore / offshore pipelines, boosting, pumping and compression stations for oil and gas, gas processing, oil refining, petrochemicals, terminal & storage facilities including offsites and utilities.

The company also provides Health, Safety and Environmental Services for most of the projects executed in various fields. The increasing awareness of environmental issues in Egypt and long standing necessity of safety measures in petroleum installation by virtue of industry nature, triggered Enppi to enhance Health, Safety and Environmental factors in existing and new projects. This strategy was translated in executing friendly environmental and safety projects.

Enppi's expertise has been applied to a wide range of onshore and offshore oil & gas projects, including:

Oil & Gas Production

Onshore and Offshore production, processing and treatment facilities, onshore receiving terminals, and onshore oil related processing applications, pumping and boosting stations as well as compression stations, structures and floating production facilities.

The Offshore production includes Jacket & Deck, Topside Facilities, Sub-sea Pipelines and Loading Terminals.

Oil Refining

Crude distillation, vapor recovery, hydrodesulphurization, hydro cracking, vacuum distillation, isomerization , lube oil production and blending.


Gas Processing

Condensate recovery, LPG and NGL production, gas treatment, sweetening and drying, C2/C3 production, conditioning and LNG projects.

Petrochemicals & Chemicals

PVC, VCM, Chlorine, Ethylene, Polyethylene, Fertilizers & LAB


Gas/Crude/Products/Multi-Products, onshore/offshore, pigging systems, boosting and pumping stations, compression stations, SCADA and control systems.

Utilities & Offsite

Power generation and distribution, water treatment, waste water treatment, tank farms, water desalination, instrument air systems, flare systems, steam generation, lighting distribution, earthing and lightning protection, tele­ communications and data networks, fire detection and protection systems and computer networks (LAN’S)

General Infrastructure

Workshops, laboratory buildings, housing complexes, offices and administration buildings,control rooms and electrical substation building, roads and site development.