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Who We Are

Engineering for the Petroleum and Process Industries (Enppi) was established on January 15, 1978 and is currently working under Egyptian Investment Law 8 for 1997. The Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) is the principal shareholder, owning 97% of the total shares of Enppi.








Enppi signifies a legacy of engineering expertise and proficiency that was built over decades of hands-on practice and learning. The company is internationally renowned as a leading provider of fully integrated engineering, procurement, construction supervision and project management services for the petroleum, petrochemicals, power and other industries.

Enppi is internationally recognized as an EPC main contractor and management contractor, with decades of experience in onshore and offshore projects in the oil and gas, refining and petrochemical industries.

Enppi was established in 1978 on solid engineering basis and has expanded since then to become the trusted name of choice in the oil and gas industry across the region.

Enppi’s Headquarters is in Cairo, Egypt, with branches and offices spread across more than fifteen countries around the world. Avid expansion plans are being implemented with every passing year.

The main and most important asset in Enppi is its engineers. Enppi’s engineers are known for their invaluable expertise and knowhow, as well as their outstanding work conduct that makes the company hold an internationally renowned name.

At Enppi, we are committed to retain our engineering experts and talents by providing them with the work environment and support what they require to thrive. Enppi holds a long and pride-worthy track record of success stories in engineering projects that can be mapped across the region. Our accumulated experience in engineering solutions is the cornerstone of our international reach and the Enppi name is now recognized as a professional, efficient and trusted partner.

Our Vision

To be the EPC partner of choice in engineering industries, evolving sustainable energy solutions worldwide

Our Mission

Add value by providing trustworthy sustainable and reliable EPC solutions exceeding our stakeholders expectations while accelerating energy transition for a better world for next generations. Deliver world class projects and services through our accumulated organizational knowledge, cutting-edge technologies with unwavering commitment to safety, quality and integrity. Foster the national economy, promote a better quality of life for community wellbeing. Our Mission is accomplished by leveraging our most valuable asset and competitive edge; Our passionate and competent People.

Our Values







Enppi Customer Support Policy

Enppi Quality Policy

Enppi Health and Safety Policy

Enppi Environmental Policy

Enppi Energy Policy

Enppi Sustainability and Social Responsibility Policy

In the interest of international and national interest of the quality, environment, energy and occupational health and safety and in line with Egypt’s vision 2030 for achieving sustainable development and the company interest with the customers satisfaction and continual improvement, Enppi is a leader for international standards and has been awarded the follwoing accreditations:

Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001)

Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001)

Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (ISO 45001)

Energy Management Systems (ISO 50001)

The implementation of the requirements of these international standards was effectively considered in all the company’s projects and activities in all stages (design, procurement and construction supervision) through an integrated management system to monitor, evaluate and improve Enppi’s performance in the Quality, Environmental, Energy, Occupational Health and and Safety and Customer Support Management Systems. Enppi is certified by the National Quality Institute (NQI) for providing consultation and training services in the field of the Quality, Environmental, Energy and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.

Since our foundation, Enppi has established successful business relationships with many international business partners by completing projects of mega scales and following through on Enppi’s commitment to safety, value of creation, optimized solutions and responsiveness. Enppi’s clients expand across the region with landmark projects in twelve countries for companies including: BP, Shell, BG, PDVSA, Saudi Aramco, KJO, KOC, QP, ADNOC, AGIP, KNPC and Total to name a few.

Today, Enppi proudly employs more than 3000 highly qualified team members who are integral to the success of the company. Over the years, Enppi has acquired credible, high caliber engineers who are proficient, reliable and committed to success. Our unique combination of proven expertise, a long history of successful projects and fruitful partnerships has led to the leading status we hold today.

Human Capital

At Enppi, we are strong believers in human capital and consider our team of engineers and professionals to be our most important asset. Enppi is powered by its people and it is their expertise and knowledge that make us who we are.

Thanks to the the high level of nourishment in the work environment and Enppi commitment towards its team, Enppi has a low turnover rate. By holding continuous training and workshops for our employees, each in their fields of specialization. We further endorse their value to the company and help them reach and exceed their potential as proficient engineers. These developmental courses are all certified and include achievements in:

Project Management

Health and Safety Management Systems

Environmental Management Systems

Information Technology

Technical Specialization

Energy management system

Since Enppi's personnel are considered its priceless assets because of their expertise and proficiency, that works as a catalyst for Enppi's growth and international expansion, Enppi’s strategy focuses on the prosperity of its people.