Al Khobar
Abu Dhabi

Construction Management

What differentiates good Construction Supervision and Management services is achieving the balance, safety and on schedule delivery across the different aspects of the project. This balance can only be achieved when enough knowhow and experience are brought forward, and it is this exact edge that sets ENPPI apart in this industry.

ENPPI offers integrated and complete Construction Supervision and Management services that include the full cycle of projects. Starting with a comprehensive constructability study, the company proceeds with survey work and policy and precaution frameworks. From that point on, ENPPI carefully pre-qualifies and selects the subcontractors needed for implementation then proceeds with the required construction work tender packages. Once these processes are successfully completed, subcontract administration tasks begin and are consistently continued until finalization of the project.

Time and again, ENPPI has successfully proven its competence and capabilities in offering superlative Construction Supervision and Management services. With a full team of experienced engineers and partners, ENPPI qualifications incorporate contracting activities, quality management and HSE constructability studies.


  • Site preparation
  • Civil and architectural works
  • HSE Supervision
  • Structural steel (fabrication and erection)
  • Mechanical works and equipment/package installation
  • Underground piping
  • Drainage
  • Piping (fabrication, erection and testing)
  • Pipelines
  • Electrical works and instrumentation works
  • Surface preparations and painting applications
  • Insulation, coating and wrapping applications
  • Topographic survey & 3D Laser scanning works
  • Under ground detection works

Key Projects