Al Khobar
Abu Dhabi

Corporate for the Environment

At ENPPI, we believe in the vitality of protecting the environment and are committed to operating in ways which minimize environmental impact. In the context of the company’s keenness for continual development and improvement of its operations and activities, and to keep up with the international trend and the general policy of the country to maintain the energy, ENPPI was awarded in June 2013 the certification of the energy management systems (ISO 50001:2011).

As our company evolves and expands, we continue to raise our environmental standards, and our overall business conduct enables us to effectively manage environmental risks. The company devised and adheres to a plan that endorses environmental friendliness, and this extends to the level of our offices and day to day business activities.

ENPPI aspires to become a paper-less company, and utilizes segregation recycling trash bins in all offices. We have also partnered with recycling companies to utilize our paper and plastic waste and have recently installed solar panels for energy at our headquarters in Cairo. Our energy conservation activities have helped us save 30% of the energy consumption at our headquarters.