Our Services

Electrical and Instrumentation Installation

ENPPI stands today as the preferred electrical and instrumentation installation contractor to many of our clients, especially those who value our commitment to safety and quality. The company and its experienced calibres are committed to providing our clients with value added and cost effective solutions, while achieving the balance with quality and safety, both for our team members and the environment.

ENPPI performs full E&I installation services that include power generation, distribution systems, transformers, lighting systems, grounding and lightning protection, cabling systems, race ways, instrument calibrations and instrument control systems (PLC, DCS, ESD, PCS, VMS, HIPPS and SCADA, to name a few). Our scope and expertise also include substations and control room buildings, earthing, concrete and finishing activities, as well as installations of mechanical work, including HVAC System and firefighting.

ENPPI offers turnkey E&I installation solutions for high, medium or low voltage facilities, including industrial process plants, mining and petrochemical entities. Our high-calibre engineers provide state-of-the art support and management, with emphasis on planning, scheduling, progress tracking, and labour analysis, which all contribute to the successful execution of our clients’ projects.

The scope of our offered services includes installations, pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up activities, fire detection/protection and telecommunication systems. Our track record includes:
Installation detailed drawings preparation
Material take off (M.T.O.)
Mechanical completion
Commissioning and start-up services
Marked-up and As-built drawings
Installation and hook-up of:
Power generation and distribution systems (low and medium size)
Medium voltage and low voltage systems
Lighting distribution systems
Earthing and lightning protection systems
Measuring, instrumentation and control systems
Telecommunication and data networks systems
Monitoring, alarm and operating systems
Fire protection systems
Automation systems
Building management systems
PLC, PC and SCADA systems
Electrical heat tracing systems

Key Projects