Project Experience

Gas Production & Processing

ENPPI has successfully executed more than 250 major gas production and processing projects that stretch across the entire globe. The company’s experience in the gas processing field extends across the entire gas operation, and the ENPPI name has continuously proven to be one that can be trusted and depended on.

Through its many years of experience in the gas processing sector, ENPPI has accumulated priceless expertise and knowhow that have made it an easily recognizable name across the world. The company’s experience covers oil and gas facilities, from production to processing to storage and transportation.

ENPPI gas production services include:

Gas Production:

Onshore production facilities
Offshore platform topside facilities and structures
Processing and treatment facilities
Receiving terminals
Compressing stations
Control and safety systems (PLC, DCS, ESD and SCADA)

Gas Processing:

Gas treatment
Sales gas conditioning
LPG production
Condensate recovery
C2 / C3 production
NGL and Cryogenic storage

Gas Storage and Transportation:

Storage and loading facilities

Key Projects