Our Capabilities

Human Capital

At ENPPI, we are strong believers in human capital and consider our team of engineers and professionals to be our most important asset. ENPPI is powered by its people, and it is their expertise and knowledge that make us who we are.

Today, ENPPI proudly employs more than 2500 highly qualified team members who are integral to the success of the company as a whole. Over the years, ENPPI has acquired credible, high calibre engineers who are proficient, reliable and committed to success. Our unique combination of proven expertise, long history of successful projects and fruitful partnerships has led to the leading status we hold today.

The company witnesses very low turnover rates, and this shows the extent of ENPPI’s efforts to retain its team. By holding continuous training and workshops for our employees, each in their fields of specialization, we further endorse their stature in the company and help them reach and exceed their potential as proficient engineers. These developmental courses are all certified and include achievements in: 


  • Project  Management
  • Health and Safety  Management Sytems
  • Environmental  Management Systems
  • Information Technology
  • Technical Specialization

ENPPI’s human capital strategy will always focus on the prosperity of the ENPPI team, because it is their priceless expertise and proficiency that works as a catalyst for our growth and our global expansion.