Project Experience


Pipeline engineering is one of the most important sectors in the oil and gas industry, and requires precise and experienced management across all stages. Over the years, the ENPPI team of engineers has acquired the high skills and expertise needed for the successful execution of the most challenging pipeline projects. The company undertakes these projects across all stages, including design, construction, commissioning and operation, and has the experience required to create creative solutions when needed.

With thousands of successfully completed kilometers across countries, ENPPI has accumulated priceless knowhow in pipeline engineering, making it a globally trustworthy name. The experience of our engineers extends across gas, crude, products, and multi-products, as well as onshore and offshore pipelines. They are also qualified and skilled at pigging systems, boosting and pumping stations, compression stations, SCADA and control systems.

ENPPI pipeline engineering services include:

Pipeline design basis and feasibility studies
Pipeline mapping and route selection and survey
Pipeline hydraulic design including two phase flow analysis
Complete mechanical design of pipelines
3D stress analysis
Span analysis and crossings design

Key Projects