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Procurement is one of the most vital elements of any project and carrying it out professionally and accurately is an absolute must. Enppi has a long and powerful track record of successfully completed integrated procurement projects across the globe. With a dedicated team of proficient, experienced professionals, a large network of trusted suppliers internationally and complete transparency across all transactions, Enppi has become the trusted and relied upon company of choice for hundreds of clients all over the world.

Working in line with the company’s corporate values, Enppi developed a comprehensive system and policy that are carried out with all procurement services. We are very selective about our suppliers and our database contains only the most competitive and reliable resources. Our extensive knowledge allows us to provide the best most suitable products needed to serve our clients’ needs.

Our current database of suppliers includes some of the largest manufacturers in Egypt, the Middle East, Europe, USA, and the Far East. 

ENPPI procurement services include
Supplier database
Purchasing (international and local)
Supplier quality surveillance
Material management
Traffic and logistics

Key Projects