Project Experience

Utilities and Off-sites

 ENPPI has decades of experience in the energy industry and has designed and executed numerous utility and off-site projects through the years. The company’s engineers have successfully undertaken and completed projects across all stages, including design, solutions, providing equipment, piping, instrumentation, installation and civil work.

The company’s engineers have witnessed and implemented utility and off-site projects that entail complex and creative engineering solutions. ENPPI expertise has enabled its engineers to successfully plan, design and execute projects of complex attributes, while maintaining their integrity and efficiency.

Among the services offered by ENPPI for utilities and off-site are:

Power generation and distribution
Water treatment
Waste water treatment
Tank farms, water desalination
Instrument air systems
Flare systems, steam generation
Lighting distribution
Earthing and lightning protection
Telecommunications and data networks
Fire detection and protection systems
Computer networks (LANs)
Steam Generation

Key Projects