On the sidelines of Cairo ICT Conference & Exhibition, inaugurated by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi under the slogan “Digitizing Egypt” in Egypt International Exhibition Center in New Cairo, Eng. Tarek El-Molla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, hosted on December 2nd, 2019 “Digital Transformation in the Oil and Gas Industry” symposium.

Eng. Abed Ezz Al-Regal, EGPC CEO, Eng. Ashraf Bahaa, Enppi Chairman & CEO, Eng. Karim Badawi, Managing Director Egypt & East Mediterranean Schlumberger and Eng. Hoda Mansour, Managing Director SAP Egypt participated in the symposium.

In his speech the Minister of Petroleum & Mineral Resources stressed the Ministry’s interest in digital transformation technology and its importance in the field of research and exploration, which contributes to attract investors and encouraging international entities’ investments in this field, especially in areas which face challenges to start researches and require large investments and advanced technologies.

The Minister added that the sector development and modernization program is based on a vision which aims to improve operations and productivity through utilizing and analyzing data and modern technologies. Therefore, a whole program for digital transformation and information linkage was designed for this purpose, which is the seventh program of the sector’s modernization project.

The Minister highlighted the importance of Egypt’s E-Gate project to market the Petroleum areas and exploration, which is in line with the global trend supporting digital transformation as well as introducing the investment opportunities to the international companies to search for oil and promoting them, using practical mechanisms to attract investment and encourage these international oil companies to increase new investments in Egypt.

Eng. Ashraf Bahaa, Enppi Chairman & CEO, referred to the impact of the oil sector’s digital transformation on the important axes, including decision support axis, in addition to production and refining efficiency boosting, transportation management and pipeline networks to serve Egypt’s transformation into a regional hub for oil and gas trading.

In addition to benefits from digital transformation in maintenance plans, as plenty of assets are owned by the petroleum sector i.e. petroleum fields, refineries, gas treatment stations, storage areas, transportation and distribution networks, etc., digital transformation will contribute to early identification of failures, which will boost asset usage and reach maximum operation capacity.

Eng. Ashraf Bahaa mentioned Enppi role in the field of digital transformation, as Enppi is the petroleum sector’s engineering arm in the field of engineering designs and consultancy as well as the petroleum projects’ main contractor inside and outside Egypt. Such projects require continuous development to keep pace with international companies whether in the engineering, administrative and financial aspects, this development improves Enppi potentials to support the sector.

Enppi Chairman referred to the digital transformation projects, in which Enppi has contributed such as Asset Integrity Management project, ATG project, and the linear programming project for refineries.