El-Nasr Company For Intermediate Chemicals (NCIC)

2016 – 2018

Fixed Percentage of the Project Total Installed Cost

The Project aims to build a Complex to produce Phosphatic & Compound Fertilizers in the Industrial Zone at “Ain Sokhna” in order to satisfy the requirements from the phosphates fertilizers needed for agricultural development projects. The Complex consists of 9 Plants distributed over 5 Sectors as follows:

  • Sector 1: 2 Plants for Concentrated Sulphuric Acid and producing Electricity
  • Sector 2: 4 Plants for Technical and Commercial Grades of Phosphoric Acid
  • Sector 3: Plant for Water Soluble Mono-Ammonium MAP / Daio-Ammonium Phosphate DAP
  • Sector 4: 2 Plants for Granulated DAP and Granulated Triple Super Phosphate TSP
  • Sector 5: Utilities and Services for the Complex